OSG Communications
OSG Communications

Working together with our customers, we look for meanings for a good life in their business. We do not navigate based on a hunch without a map or compass; instead, we have tools and processes that have proven to be effective.

The team is comprised of independent and intelligent individuals hailing from diverse backgrounds, each bringing their unique perspective to discussions on leading a fulfilling life. The team encompasses a range of roles, including communication consultants, journalists, service design specialists, event planners, and graphic designers. Their ability to deliver exceptional services is amplified by extensive collaborative networks and favorable media relationships.


Expertise, for this team, signifies the willingness to embrace innovative ideas, continuously acquire knowledge, and provide guidance to others. In situations demanding it, they are unafraid to chart unconventional paths. Inspiration is drawn from fresh concepts, varying viewpoints, and emerging industry trends. This creative spark thrives in an environment of collective engagement, shared learning, and individual growth opportunities.


Reliability is a hallmark of their work ethic. The team adheres strictly to schedules, maintains punctuality, and approaches tasks with a bold and assured demeanor. They encompass a dynamic mix of implementers, developers, and visionary thinkers. Their most impactful innovations are a result of collaborative efforts with clients, characterized by attentive listening and collaborative brainstorming sessions.


Established in 1993, the team operates under Finnish private ownership and boasts a roster of 16 seasoned communication experts. They are an integral part of the Finnish marketing communications entity, OjalaSaariGroup, and proudly represent the global communications agency WE Communications within the Finnish context. Membership in the Finnish Association of Marketing, Technology, and Creativity (MTL) further solidifies their industry involvement. Notably, their communications agency adheres to stringent quality standards and has undergone thorough quality audits by MTL.


The team’s accolades and recognitions are substantial. They secured the coveted Agency of the Year award in 2022 within the Communications Agencies category and earned the prestigious Excellence Awards in 2021. Past achievements include being named Agency of the Year in 2019, as well as receiving honors at the Cannes Lions event in 2018. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their finalist position for the Excellence Awards in 2018 and their recognition as the Agency of the Year in 2017, with a subsequent finalist nod in 2018, all within the Communication, PR, and Content Agencies category. Furthermore, their accomplishments extend to ranking third in the 2017 image survey conducted by Taloustutkimus within the Communication and Content Agencies category.

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